Esol Test India

We offer a range and a variety of English language courses that help enhance the existing language skills of the learner. Our courses have been categorised to suit every kind of learner and professionals who need to excel in their respective fields. Excellence and excelling is what we claim to be our foremost USP.

Courses at a glance:

  1. Preparatory programmes
  2. Proficiency programmes
  3. General English language programmes
  4. Special English programmes [ESP-Language skills for BPO]
  5. Business and office English programmes
  6. Qualification based programmes
  7. Specialised and unique modules for personal grooming and personality development

Esol Test Centers:

Esol Test Center in Jalandhar

Preparatory programmes:

Our preparatory programmes are researched based modules for the target audience to achieve a target goal. The programmes are designed to achieve the desired competence and ability levels and equips a learner with all inputs, strategies and techniques to perform better in the targeted English Language assessments. The exit level of all our preparatory programmes clearly reflect ‘the linguistic competence of the learner’.

Preparation for CEFR Level A1 City and Guilds UK ESOL Test for Spouse/ Settlement Visa:

Duration: Minimum 40 hours of classroom inteaction (Recommended)

The intended purpose of this programme is to help all those who wish to demonstrate their linguistic abilities as is required by the UKBA to apply for the Marriage/ Spouse/ Settlement Visa. To help learners achieve the ‘Usage and Use’ of language level that conforms to the Common European framework of Reference Level A1 The programme is open to all others who desire to enhance their English Language performance skills in their day-to-day life.
[Highly recommended for people applying for the marriage Visa]

Preparation for City and Guilds UK B1, B2 Course for Tier 2 and Tier 4 Visas:

Duration: A minimum of 120 hours of classroom interaction

This is a task based performance oriented English Language Skill development programme designed for all those who wish to apply for  Work Permit or Student Visa in the UK. The unique feature of this programme is the ‘scaling concept’ and the graded learning materials that not only develops the language concepts and skills but also helps learners to measure and gauge their [individual] progress. This is a preparation for all four skills of CEFR Level B1 and B2 all teaching [preparatory] materials conform to International curriculum.
[Highly recommended for people applying for Student Visa Tier 4 or Work Permit Tier 2 category]

City and Guilds UK B1& B2 Qualifications for Student Visa

If your CAS was assigned to you on or after 21 April 2011, your cation provider must ensure that:

  • you are competent in English language at a minimum of CEFR level B2 in all four components (reading, writing, speaking and listening) if you will be enrolling on a course at NQF 6/QCF 6/SCQF 9 or above.
  • you are competent in English language at a minimum of CEFR level B1 in all four components (reading, writing, speaking and listening), if you will be enrolling on a course at NQF 3-5/QCF 3-5/SCQF 6-8.
  • A list of the approved English language tests for Tier 4, including the time period for which tests are valid, and the scores a Tier 4 (General) must achieve, is available on our website via this link: Click here
The Tier 4 (General) Student must include his/her test certificate with his/her application.

City and Guilds UK C1 & C2 Qualifications for Tier 1 or Enterpenur Visa

An applicant meets the English language requirement, without the need to provide evidence, if he/she was last given permission to stay in the United Kingdom:

  • under Tier 1 (General) or Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) and are applying for an extension leave to remain; or
  • as a business person or
  • as a Highly Skilled Migrant Programme participant under the Immigration Rules which came into force on 5 December 2006 and they are applying for an extension of leave to remain under a Tier 1 category.

UKBA will only accept test certificates from providers that have been assessed as meeting their requirements. Applicants must do this by checking that they have passed an English language test that is still within its validity period, and has achieved at least CEFR level C1 Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) in all four components (reading, writing, speaking and listening).


Preparatory programmes for IELTS:

Duration: Preparation time may vary for the candidates and would depend upon the selected level.

To prepare the candidates who wish to take the IELTS. Three tier structure:

Tier 1: Band 5 Preparatory programme
Tier 2: Band 6 Preparatory programme
Tier 3: Band 7 Preparatory programme

An entry level assessment for each programme is mandatory.
[Highly recommended for students/ nurses/immigrants and other professionals who desire to study/settle or work abroad]

Preparation for CFE [Certificate in Functional English]:

Duration: Flexible and negotiable for each candidate

The intended purpose is provide support and adequate preparation to enhance functional Language skills. This is a qualification based preparatory programme and is highly recommended for all those who wish to earn a qualification and at the same time develop their functional English Skills.

Preparation for CTE [Certificate in Teaching English]:

Duration: Flexible and negotiable for each candidate

The intended purpose is provide support and adequate preparation to enhance English Language teaching skills This is a qualification based preparatory programme and is highly recommended for in service language teachers and for all those who are interested in English Language Teaching and Training.

Preparation for UPSC and State level competitive exams:

Specialised modules for improving Grammar skills, vocabulary and writing skills.

Preparation for University of Cambridge- Main Suite Exams:


Preparation for University of Cambridge Business English assessments:


Preparation for CBSE class XII English syllabus:

Increase performance in Board Exams.


From April 2011, the following levels of the City & Guilds IESOL Diploma are recognised as minimum level of English language competency, as part of the UK visa applications:

Tier Categories English language
requirement (CEF*)
Tier 1 – Highly skilled workers 
Exceptional talent B1
General C1
Entrepreneur C1
Investor None
Post-study work Not specified
Tier 2 – Skilled workers 
General  B1
Minister of religion  B2
Sportsperson  A1
Intra company transfer  A1
Tier 4 – Students
General – NQF/QCF level 3-5  B1
General – NQF/QCF level 6 or above  B2
Gifted student – enrolling onto a course
at/above NQF/QCF level 6 at a UK higher
education institution/university
Child  None
Spouse/partner  A1 (listening and speaking)

* The IESOL Diploma is issued to learners who have successfully completed the IESOL and ISESOL qualifications at the same level. Issuing of Diplomas requires prior application and submission of results once both ESOL and SESOL tests are passed at the same level.